Mind Over Monster

Psychological Self-Improvement for Boys

Happiness and success in life depend on something nobody teaches you anything about — your mind. Most of the time minds just free-run, doing whatever they want with the inputs they receive, and taking us wherever they happen to drift, which often turns out to be places we would rather not be.

Instead of letting an out-of-control mind be your master — a monster that constantly works against you — you can decide to take control, making your mind think rationally and constructively to provide a highly successful, abundantly happy and richly rewarding life.

The best time to do this is during your first ten years, or very soon thereafter ... before stinkin' thinkin' becomes habitual, and the monster becomes stubbornly set in its ways. Mind Over Monster was written especially for boys from age ten to eighteen. But whatever your age or gender, it's never too late to learn how that muscle between your ears works, and how to use its extraordinary power to achieve a better life. You can do it

Mind Over Monster
ISBN 978-0-9797896-2-5
(Rev Sept 2017)
Trade Paperback — 300 Pages — $24.95 $12.48